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As parents we always have questions...

At Princeton Nassau Pediatrics, we listen and care about your concerns.  Our For Parents area is devoted to addressing, educating, and informing parents about some of the common issues and topics that we hear about as pediatricians.



CDC Coronavirus website

WHO Coronavirus website

AAP Coronavirus website


Social Distancing

Coping Strategies for Parents COVID-19

Don't Be Cavalier about the Coronavirus

Why Is Getting Covid Testing So Difficult?

What Should I Do If I Can't Get Tested?

Supporting Parents of Newborns During COVID

COVID - Parental Stress and Child Safety

Tips on Talking about COVID to Kids

Children's Book About COVID

Dr. Naddelman on Coronavirus with Chris Cuomo - 3/12

Dr. Naddelman on Coronavirus with Chris Cuomo - 3/16

Patient Education Series

Learn about and register for our upcoming programs.

Healthy Sleep - Healthy Teeth

Seminar given by Dr. Pellegrino

Bullying Lecture


Dosing Charts Dosing Charts

An online guide for understanding dosage by age and weight.

Immunization Schedule Immunization Schedule

An easy to reference online guide to know when your child's immunizations are due.


Influenza Information

Other Parent Resources

Access our list of online resources on topics related to parenting and child health.


KidzDoc KidsDoc Symptom Checker

AAP online interactive tool for parents to evaluate their child's symptoms

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Mental Health Education Handouts


Age-specific guides to your child's health

A guide to your child's well visits. Please click on the link corresponding to your childs age to view information about your well visit.

Ages 1 month - Teenage years