Princeton Nassau Pediatrics offers Telehealth appointments for our patients and can offer a very high level of care without leaving your home.  Our physicians are available for Telehealth sick visits and conferences to discuss behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, or many other concerns you may have about your child.  There may be circumstances where our nurses or physicians recommend an in-patient appointment instead.  While we still value telemedicine as a way to evaluate patients, our experience over the last several years has shown us that in person evaluations are preferred in most instances.

In order to schedule a telehealth appointment, you must call our office to speak to one of our nurses.

Please note:  You and your child must be located within the state of NJ in order for you to participate in a telemedicine appointment with one of our physicians.  We cannot provide telemedicine services across state lines.

We have transitioned to a new service called for telemedicine at Princeton Nassau Pediatrics.  We hope this will make our telemedicine process much less complicated for our patients.

Once you have the appointment set up, you can access the link for your appointment either within our patient portal , or by clicking the telemedicine link below to find your physician’s waiting room.

Please click the link for your physician’s waiting room 5 minutes before your appointment starts.  Please make sure you use your child’s first and last name when you are logging in to the room.  This will enable us to be sure we are starting the telemedicine appointment with the correct patient.  You will be able to see when your physician is online when you are within the site.  There is no patient registration required.

Please be patient as sometimes our physicians are running a few minutes behind and will be with you as soon as possible.


Doctor’s Waiting Room Links

Dr. Alexander –

Dr. Baddi –

Dr. Bronson –

Dr. Bunn –

Dr. Dinh –

Dr. Dorfman –

Dr. Doshi –

Dr. Farrington –

Dr. Fiorentini –

Dr. Giasi –

Dr. Greenberg –

Dr. Harvey –

Dr. Helmrich –

Dr. Hemrajani –

Dr. Kong –

Dr. Kullmann –

Dr. Kwong –

Dr. Mandelbaum –

Dr. Naddelman –

Dr. Negroponte –

Dr. Pellegrino –

Dr. Pierson –

Dr. Posluszny –

Dr. Pragaspathy –

Dr. Rajeshwar –

Dr. Riggall –

Dr. Rivers –

Dr. Rouff –

Dr. Senkler –

Dr. Shah –

Dr. Shanehsaz –

Dr. Socha –

Dr. Vater –