PNP Announces New Mental Health Initiative

As we all continue to work through the challenges that have been brought upon us by the Coronavirus pandemic, the physicians of PNP recognize the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression that continue to increase among our patient population. We are here to help.

Parents are finding it harder and harder to obtain appointments for their kids with pediatric psychiatrists who participate with their insurance. We have made the decision to try to fill the gap for our patients who are suffering from some of the more common mental health issues.

For patients who are currently seeing a therapist or psychologist and continue to struggle with their anxiety or depression, we are a resource you can utilize to discuss possible medication management. By no means are we looking to replace the valued pediatric psychiatrists in our community, but just as we are comfortable managing attention deficit disorder in our practice, our physicians can also help manage anxiety and depression. Please note, there are situations where we may not be able to help (complex medication management issues, other mental health issues ongoing, etc).

The best approach for you to take if you are interested in learning more about this is to call our office to schedule a telehealth appointment with one of our physicians. If they determine that your child is a good candidate for medication, they will discuss all of the control measures and obligations we have put into place to ensure this is done safely and with close supervision by both your therapist and by our physician.

Please call our office for more information or to set up an appointment to discuss.

We look forward to continuing to provide your family with the level of pediatric care we expect for our own children.

Sincerely, The Physicians of PNP