Covid Testing for Asymptomatic Adult Family Members

Since the start of the pandemic, we have strived to adapt our practices and procedures to best meet the needs of our patients and their families.  Despite expansion of testing in our area, many people are still struggling to find convenient testing for the adult family members of our patients.

PNP can now offer testing for asymptomatic family members of our patients in all of our locations.  Depending on your individual situation, we can perform PCR testing (saliva or nasal swab) or rapid antigen testing.

This testing is limited to patients with no symptoms whatsoever.  If you are having symptoms that could be consistent with Covid, we will direct you to your primary care physician or local urgent care.  We envision this testing being useful for parents who may be traveling and need testing or who were exposed to someone with covid and want testing done for informational purposes since they are asymptomatic.

We will bill your insurance company for this service as long as it is a company with which we participate. If you have a plan with which we do not participate full payment will be expected at the time of service.  Please note, as pediatricians, we are not able to accept Medicare.

To schedule an appointment or to have any further questions answered, please give us a call.  We continue to strive to provide our patients and their families with the care we would expect for our own.

The Physicians of PNP