2021 Flu Vaccine Information


These continue to be unprecedented and challenging times for all of us. As we move towards the fall and schools reopen, we are entering a new period of uncertainty with regards to coronavirus and how it will affect our children. The fall and winter typically bring a significant increase in transmission of many common childhood illnesses. The intersection of these illnesses with the continuing community prevalence of coronavirus is going to be a new chapter in this pandemic.

The possibility of influenza running rampant in the community at the same time we are facing continuing cases of coronavirus worries us all. We need to do everything we can to prevent the children in our community from facing this uncertain situation.

The best measure we have to protect our children is to get them vaccinated against influenza and to do it as soon as possible. To that end, we at PNP are starting our annual flu vaccine program with a renewed sense of urgency. This is not the time for hesitation or debate as to the benefit of vaccination against influenza. This is the time to take the steps needed to prepare for what is ahead of us. It is our goal to vaccinate all of our patients before Thanksgiving. This is an ambitious goal, but we feel it is necessary to best protect the children of our community. To that end, we will be offering flu vaccine in all of our offices, starting tomorrow, in a variety of ways:

1) For any patient who has a well visit scheduled in the month of November, we can vaccinate for flu at that time. We urge you to bring your other children in at the time of the physical so that they can also receive their flu vaccine. The siblings can be added to the schedule when you arrive in the office (no need to call ahead for these appointments).

2) For any patient in the office for a non-infectious reason (sprained ankle, rash, etc), we will offer you a flu vaccine during your appointment.

3) We will be opening up flu clinics across all offices at a wide variety of days/times. These will be by appointment only in order for us to allow for appropriate social distancing and safety. We ask that you arrive at the proper day and time for your appointment, otherwise we will need to ask you to reschedule. This is for everyone’s safety and will allow us to maintain an orderly process.

4) As always, masks are required for everyone ages 2 and up entering our office. We will continue to screen at the door to protect everyone and ask that if you have been recommended to quarantine OR if you have developed any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 that you call and reschedule your flu shot appointment per CDC recommendations.

The schedule for flu clinics is below. Please call at your convenience to schedule your family’s flu shots if you do not have well visits scheduled for November.


We continue to strive to provide your children with the pediatric care we would expect for our own kids.

Flu clinics scheduled include:

PRINCETON OFFICE                                           

WEST WINDSOR OFFICE                              

MONROE OFFICE                                                                                                                                                                     

PENNINGTON OFFICE                      

SKILLMAN OFFICE                                                                                                                                                                        

NORTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE                          

Please check our website at www.princetonnassaupediatrics.com for any changes and other useful information.

The Physicians of PNP