PNP Scheduling Changes due to Coronavirus

Posted on: 03/16/2020

We continue to provide updates to our patients on our current changing operations within Princeton Nassau Pediatrics. All of this is being done as efficiently as we can in order to continue to ensure our ability to provide your children with the care they need. As of Tuesday March 17, we are going to make a few temporary operational changes here at PNP:

In order to separate well and sick patients as much as possible, we are going to be utilizing our offices for sick visits in the morning and well visits in the afternoon. Our phone nurses are performing triage to keep suspected Coronavirus cases out of the office, with advice for home care, or a follow up call from one of our physicians to help determine the appropriate plan for treatment.

We continue to take all necessary precautions to prevent spread of illness to our patients. If you have a well visit scheduled for a morning this week, you will be getting a call to reschedule it for an afternoon instead. We hope this will be more convenient for those of you with school age children who are engaged in online school during the morning. These afternoon sessions can be utilized for conferences with physicians or for appointments to discuss other issues that are going on with your children that don't involve a current illness. If your child is currently not feeling well, please call to reschedule their well visit.

We continue to ask parents to call our office for appointments for their children. We cannot accommodate any walk-in patients at this time. This is due to the screening measures we have put in place to provide separation between our patients in the office for sick visits and those in the office for well care.

Typically we encourage both parents (or other family members) to attend any visit they would like for their child. In light of the guidelines on social distancing, we are requesting that each patient be accompanied in the office by no more than one parent or guardian. Parents/guardians who are ill, have a known exposure, or are under quarantine should not accompany their children to appointments in our office. We ask that no siblings accompany patients either. If that is a difficulty for you, we will work together to find a solution.

Currently, we are still not able to test for Coronavirus in the office. We anticipate local testing being available within the next couple of weeks and will share information on this as it becomes available to us.

We understand that these are stressful times for everyone, our kids are anxious, we're anxious as parents. Our doctors and staff recognize this and are feeling it too. This is a situation that none of us has been through before. We continue to modify how we work on an almost daily basis in order to deal most effectively with the current conditions. Please be patient with our staff and physicians. As you can imagine, we are receiving more calls than typical for this time of year. Please be extra patient with us and with each other as we work through this together in the days ahead.

We are here for you in the days ahead to continue to help provide your children with the pediatric care we would expect for our own.

The Physicians of PNP

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