Measles Update

Posted on: 02/06/2015

For the last month, there has been increased media coverage regarding the Measles outbreak that started in California. The outbreak has continued to spread, with over 100 new cases of measles. Measles is an extremely contagious disease, yet completely preventable with universal vaccinations.

The pediatricians at Princeton Nassau Pediatrics have always strongly believed that vaccinating your child is one of the most important things you can do to protect them. We have all vaccinated all of our own children. Fortunately, we live in a community with an extremely high vaccination rate and almost all of our patients are completely vaccinated and protected. We do have patients who cannot receive the Measles vaccine (MMR) because of other health conditions. As we vaccinate to protect our own children, we also protect these children by decreasing the chance that Measles enters our community.

If your child is >15 months and has not received the MMR vaccine, please call our office immediately. We can bring your child in and immunize them to keep them safe.

The MMR vaccine has been studied extensively and has been used for decades. It is safe and effective. We thank you as parents for enabling us to vaccinate your children and helping to keep them and our community safe.

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