Nutrition Education Series

Posted on: 02/14/2017

Princeton Nassau Pediatrics will be extending its Parent Education lecture series for families around nutrition topics. Hosted by Kim McDevitt, RD, we will be offering this series once a month, free of charge, for parents of our patients. The lecture series will be offered in our Princeton office after hours at 7pm and will cover a variety of nutrition topics commonly faced by parents and children.

The upcoming lectures in our series will be:

Thursday, March 2nd -  7PM 

Picky Eater Parenting

Meal time can feel very stressful if you’ve got a picky eater on your hands. And while picky eating is typically seen as a rite of passage for most toddlers, you as parents / guardians can help guide your kids on course. Join Registered Dietitian, Kim McDevitt, for an evening dedicated to your picky eater! You’ll leave with tips and tricks that will help you feel more confident with your approach to meal time and hopefully will lead to your child expanding his / her food preference palate! All are welcome.

Thursday, April 6th - 7PM 

Introduction to Solids

We know that as new parents the excitement of starting your baby on foods is also coupled with lots of questions and concerns around how much, type of food, when, and more. Join Registered Dietitian, Kim McDevitt, for an evening learning about introducing solids. We will cover best practices around starting solids, approaching allergy-cautious foods and hopefully answer all your questions and leaving you confident and excited! All are welcome.

The above lectures will be given by Kim McDevitt, RD, MPH. To enroll, please email Ms. McDevitt directly at and give her your name, # of attendees and contact information.

Enrollment for all lectures will be limited to a maximum of thirty (30) people per session.

When a session becomes filled, we will post that information on our website. We will also post both a handout and other resources related to the lecture after the lecture is completed.

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